10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Black Lagoon Creature (2023)

Universal Studios has classic monster moviesCreature from the Black Lagoon🇧🇷 The film opened in 1954 and starred Richard Carlson and Julie Adams. The Creatures feature tells the story of scientists who travel to the Amazon jungle, where they soon discover a terrifying monster. The film was directed by Oscar-nominated director Jack Arnold, who has worked on science fiction films.came from spaceeThe Incredible Shrunken Man.

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The film was popular upon its release, leading Universal to give it two sequels:creature's revengeeThe creature walks among us.Like many of Universal's classic monsters, Gil-Man has become a staple of American pop culture. Here they are10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Black Lagoon Creatures.


The film was originally presented in 3D

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While movies likeavatarhelped make 3D technology popular again was the "Golden Age" of 3D between 1952 and 1954.Creature from the Black Lagooncame about when the hype around 3D movies died down, but it was still heralded with the gimmick. There were several advertisements for the film, which featured 3D horror and was the first underwater 3D film.

As the fad was already dying out by this time, many theaters only showed the film in 2D format. The film was also shown in 3D when it was re-released in 1975 and released on beta and VHS.

The creature was designed after the Oscars

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The Gil Man OutCreature from the Black Lagoonis one of the most famous monsters in cinema today, but he looked almost completely different. Led by Jack Arnold, the makeup department created a creature that looks like thisan Oscar with gills and fins.

The result was very feminine and Julie Adams even said that the creature was very "alert."Such a featuretteBack to Lagoa Negra, Universal's Chris Mueller was revealed to have said that the original design as a female creature would be used in a sequel if they chose to go that route, which they obviously didn't.

Two actors played the creature

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Though you'll never know it from the movie, two actors actually played the Gil-Man. Ricou Browning played the character in the underwater scenes with the creature, while Ben Chapman was the actor in the land suit. Ben Chapman filmed his scenes in Hollywood and Browning filmed many of the underwater scenes at Wakulla Springs State Park.

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As two different actors played the character, two suits had to be made. This resulted in slight differences in the head and chest pieces so that the costume would fit any actor. While Chapman retired from acting in 1955, Browning returned as the creature for both sequels.

The Gil-Man once appeared in the Munsters

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In 1964, Universal launched a program calledthe monsters, which was based on their classic monster characters. The series looked like stiff competitionThe Addams Family,So whatthe monstersit often resonated better with viewers because the character resembled characters people were familiar with.

subsequently "Love comes to Mockingbird LaneHerman's relative, Uncle Gilbert, comes to town to pick up $120,000 he has sent to the Munsters. At thethe monsters, the Gil-Man was a talker and politician, but became rich after finding lost treasure underwater.

Glenn Strange almost played the creature

Neither Ricou Browning nor Ben Chapman had very long careers in Hollywood after that.Creature from the Black Lagoon, but a much better-known actor almost took over the role. Boris Karloff may be known for gamblingFrankenstein, but Glenn Strange also threw the monster at himHouse of Frankenstein, House of Dracula,eAbbott & Costello meet Frankenstein.

Universal then turned to Strange to bring the creatureCreature from the Black Lagoon, but the actor turned down the role because he wasn't a good swimmer for the role. This must have been before Universal decided to have two actors play the character, as Strange could have just played Gil-Man on land.

Julie Adams was injured on set

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Julie Adams has nearly 150 film and television appearances to date, but she is best known for playing Kay Lawrence.Creature from the Black Lagoon🇧🇷 Kay, of course, was the woman who caught the creature and fell in love with it. In one of the scenes, the creature carries an unconscious Kay through a cave.

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The set was apparently freezing, so Adams tried not to shiver as he was carried by Ben Chapman. Due to poor eyesight in the Gil-Man suit, Chapman accidentally shaved Adams' head off the side of the set. Fortunately, his injury was not serious, so filming resumed shortly after the accident.

There was a huge fight between two of the creature designers

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Milicent Patrick had worked atHorrorgender before 1954, butCreature from the Black Lagoonis a film that really brings his work to life. Patrick was responsible for the design of Gil-Man, although she is rarely given credit for it. Patrick came to promote the film as Beauty Who Made the Beast, but that all quickly changed when makeup artist Bud Westmore became jealous of her attention.

The Westmore family had become famous makeup artists, so Bud was able to get his peers'Opening credits nameand take credit for the creature's design.

The Gil-Man Wasn't Really a Monster

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On the surface,Creature from the Black Lagoonit looks like any other Universal monster movie, but it also had eco tones. As Kay throws her cigarette into the pond, the camera follows her underwater to show the Gill-Man watching her from below. The next scene shows all the fish floating to the surface due to the chemicals the crew has thrown into the water.

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David also just wants to take pictures of the creature instead of bringing it back to town, hinting at a more progressive sensibility. On second inspection, it becomes clear that the creature really isn't a monster, just a creature trying to protect its homeland.Creature from the Black Lagoonis, without a doubt, a film whose themes are still current.

Orson Welles e Gilman

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Orson Welles actually had nothing to do with it.Creature from the Black Lagoon, but he was there when the idea was born. The film was inspired by a Mexican folk tale told by cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa to Orson Wells and William Alland at a dinner party.Citizen Kane.

The folk tale was about creatures that were half human, half reptilian, which fascinated Alland. Alland liked the story so much that he decided to make it himself.Creature from the Black Lagoon🇧🇷 In this sense,Creature from the Black Lagoonleft 13 years laterCitizen Kane, so Alland had obviously been thinking about the idea for some time.

Executives controlled the issue

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At score timeCreature from the Black Lagoon, three men were responsible for the music: Henry Mancini, Herman Stein and Hans J. Salter. Whenever Gil-Man appears on screen, his monster theme can be heard. That refrain pops up not just every now and then, but every time Gil-Man appears onscreen.

Some might say they overdid the effect, but that's the way the execs wanted it. in the featuretteBack to Lagoa Negra, it was revealed that Universal executives told editors to dieHeEvery time the monster appeared.

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