Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (2023)

Hello peeps! Are you tired of running and attacking and have no escape to get out of range? DnD 5e Twilight Domain Cleric Feat is the ultimate solution. Twilight Domain Cleric Feat DnD 5E allows you to transition between dark and light with its unique feature to serve gamers with some spare time.In this article, we are going to reveal some amazing bonuses, darkvision sensation, and many other perks that Twilight Domain Cleric Feat DnD 5e brings to its players.

Twilight Domain Cleric Feat DnD 5e is maintained by clerics.Clerics are one of the classes that are more nuanced than any other class.They have their own strength obtained from the gods of the universe. To add, Twilight Domain Cleric Feat DnD 5e also has a set list of spells for the subclass and abilities that make the character powerful on the ground.

From doing a few extra actions to experiencing a lot of comfort, DnD 5e Twilight Domain Cleric FeatDnDIt's one you can't ignore.Dig deeper and learn more about the feat in detail.

In this article

What is the Twilight Domain Cleric Talent in 5e DnD?

to undertake thethe power of rest and relaxationAmong the player characters, the Cleric of the Twilight Domain is a place oftransitions between dark and light in 5e DnD.This is a domain that considers the value of comfort and recovery in the night filled with darkness and terror.

Clerics of the Twilight Domainprotect the twilight hoursand provide asylum to those seeking to escape terrors.

Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (1)

To gain the strength of defensive weapons, clerics also use the power of darkness with them.Clerics are also known to serve some gods such as:

  • Gods of healing or treatment(as Boldrei, Hestia, Mishakal or Pelor)
  • Protection or Bravery(como Dol Arrah, Hajama, Helm ou Ilmater)
  • transition or journey(as Fharlanghn, Hermes, the Raven Queen, and the Traveler)

These gods are served by clerics who are brave and daring.

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Twilight Domain Cleric Talent Perks in 5e DnD

There are many advantages that a player is made to experience. Starting with bonus abilities up to Midnight Shroud, which we'll talk about later in this article, so keep going.

Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (2)

1. Additional skills

A player gains an advantage by using martial weapons and heavy armor stacks in the early stage.

2. Eyes of the night

In the first stage, athe player gains the benefit of observing creatures even in dark places within a 300-foot range.Darkness may be a reference to seeing dim light as vivid vision and dark vision in dim light.

With this action, a player has the power to share the dark vision granted to them with any creature of their choice, up to creatures equal to their Wisdom modifier. Also, a creature must be inside10 feet from the player. The vision thus shared continues for 1 hour straight.

Shared Vision cannot be redone until the player rests.

3. Watchful Blessing,

a player isblessed with a feeling of being alert in the first stage.With that, a creature so touched gains advantage on its next turn. This buff lasts for the duration of his turn or if the player reuses this buff.

Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (3)

4. Divinity of the Channel: Shrine of Twilight

Channel Divinity has alarge amount of influence on allies with calming twilight.It is accessible for PC on the second level. When performing an action, a PC enters a holy symbol that emits an orb of twilight from you. the sphere of oneA 9 meter radius forms around you, covered in a dim light. It spins and its movement goes with it.with you.

This lasts for 1 minute or until the PC dies.

At the end of the creature's turn, a PC must buff the creature with:

  • 1d6 hit points for temporary base and cleric level.
  • Ends an effect that causes you to Charm or Frighten.

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5. The steps of the brave

Brave steps start atlevel 6h.A player character gains the chance to connect with the darkness in a final level and feel himself in the dark twilight. A PC also has the benefit of:

  • Saving pitches and protecting them from scare.
  • Use a bonus action to fly at walking speed until your next turn, if a PC survives in the gloom.

6. Divine Strike

To apply a weapon attack withenormous divine energy,Dive Strike is what you need. This becomes accessible at 8th level. For each turn spent hitting a creature with a weapon, the creature must face the1d8 additional psychic damage. The damage increases to 2d8 at level 14.

Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (4)

7. Shroud of Midnight

from17th level.A PC can cover up the night and protect their teammates or even opponents. Darkness can be chosen from any spell slot, depending on the need. And then a visible creature(or yourself)is chosen, which can be seen in complete darkness, depending on the Wisdom modifier.

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Mastery Spells Cleric DnD 5e Twilight

They exist5 typesof spells under Twilight Domain Cleric Feat 5e DnD, depending on the different levels. The spells are:

1st levelFogo Fada, I am
3er nivelMoonbeam, see the invisibility
5to NivelAura of Vitality, Leomund's Little Cottage
7th levelAura of life, increased invisibility
9th levelcircle of power, deceive
Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (5)

1st level: fairy fire, dream

Faerie Fire is a 1st level spell that casts a beam of light within a 20 foot cube to outline monsters that fail a Dexterity saving throw.Contoured creatures cannot gain the advantage of invisibility, and therefore sleeping is the only way to escape the attack.

Sleep allows characters to roll 5d8, and the amount of hit points gained is used to put monsters to sleep. The monsters are then put to sleep in ascending order.

For example: in a range where there are 6 creatures present and four of them have hit points of 6, two have 8 and two have 10. A PC is forced to roll 28. All three creatures with 6 hit points will be forced to to sleep first. ; then it goes to the next two players with 8 life. There can only be 1 more hit point, so the next two creatures with 10 hit points will stay awake.

Pro Tip: This dream mentioned above lasts for 1 minute.

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3rd level: moonbeam, see invisibility

Moonbeam, a level 3 spell, forms a 5-foot-radius, 40-foot-tall cylinder of dim light that allows you to move the action when the spell is cast.The creature that has entered or is about to start its turn deals 2d10 radiant light damage when its Con saving throw fails. Damage is halved when the Con saving throw succeeds.

Radiant damage should increase by 1d10 with each higher level spell slot.

With See Invisibility, the PCs can see invisible creatures and ethereal planes for a full hour.

Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (6)

5th Level - Aura of Vitality, Leomund's Little Cabin

Aura of Vitality is a 3rd level spell slot that allows you to cast a level 1 healing word for one minute.With this spell, the caster can use it during battle and expose bonus actions. Amazing! This generates an aura 30 feet around you and you can take additional actions with 2d6 hit points.

Leomund's Little Hut is still a ritual that creates a 10 foot radius of force. This catches about 9 small to medium size critters.This spell is mainly used for long naps and wakes.

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7th Level - Aura of Life, Greater Invisibility

With 30 feet of aura, the hospitable creatures are designed to deal subsequent necrotic damage.This negates these final results, which reduces hit points. Hospital creatures that have 0 hit points change to 1 hit point when they start their turn.

With Great Invisibility, a monster activates for 60 seconds. This includes anything they are wearing or holding.

Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (7)

9th Level - Circle of Power, Deceive

Circle of Power is a 9th-level spell that allows these nonhostile creatures to make saving throws against magical spells and effects.This creates an aura of approx.30 pies, and creatures are forced to deal half damage when they succeed on a saving throw.

With Mislead, you can turn invisible when an illusory double fills your space. The illusory double can move, speak, behave and act according to your instructions.

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Desventajas de DnD Twilight Domain Cleric 5e

Cleric of the Twilight Domain 5e ennothing less than a paladin🇧🇷 He has a low healing aura and a desire to be on the front lines. Although the rest is bearable, the main problem lies in the absence of martial abilities.

Cleric of the Twilight Domain feat DnD 5e | Spells, pros and cons! (8)

DnD Twilight Domain Cleric 5e and martial skills

With Twilight Domain Cleric 5e DnD, indeed, a player has the power to put their faith in strong and powerful cheats like Toll the Dead and Sacred Flame to deal damage.But on the downside, this leads to a complete disregard for martial weapons and their abilities.

If a player is using all of their bonus actions on the use of big guns in the weapons department, this is not their full use. Paladins, for example, have full access to these weapons because they are agile in actions with these weapons. They make full use of it and play it the way it's meant to be.

But this subclass has no additional attacks or bonuses or actions that define the value of these weapons.

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However, to fix it,there may be a use of abilities and powers during stunts or attacks that respect economy of action.Guns should be played in full swing as they are meant to be. It's swinging the hammer or playing with the longsword.


DnD Twilight Domain Cleric 5eallows players to have a heavy locker, martial weapons to use within 300 feet of darkvision, and no early stage cost advantage🇧🇷 This works best for players to raid those dark and horrible places. I do love the fact that it allows you to transition between dark and light though.

I have everythingays had the best of my experiences with this one, and i've never heard anyone say no. So do your best and leave your thoughts on this one in the comments section below.path of exis by your side 24/7

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Have a nice game! Ta-da!!


How good is Twilight Cleric 5e? ›

The 5e Twilight cleric excels at supporting a party while still being able to output some decent damage. These pesky little emo clerics have one of the most potent abilities in the game, with their Twilight Sanctuary ability granting temporary hit points to their entire party every turn without repeated actions.

Is The Twilight Cleric too good? ›

It relies on the limited Channel Divinity resource quite a bit to be useful in combat. However, it has access to one of the easiest methods of gaining flight imaginable, is solidly good at utility magic, gains great proficiencies, and has unique utility.

What makes Twilight Cleric so strong? ›

Twilight cleric pumps out temporary hp every round, while peace cleric buffs the party with pseudo-bless that stacks with real bless and allows them to decide who's best suited to take the damage from a given source at any given time during the combat.

What race is good for a twilight Cleric? ›

In terms of the best race for Twilight Cleric, it's hard to beat Tortle—the high base AC makes you very sturdy, and the ability to retreat into your shell as your aura buffs keep running is a powerful trick. Hill Dwarf, Firbolg, Lizardfolk, Loxodon, and Warforged are great picks too.

What is the strongest cleric spell? ›

1 True Resurrection Can Bring The Dead Back To Life

True Ressurection is one of the most formidable spells in Dungeons And Dragons. Unlike Revivify, which can only bring back someone dead for a minute or less, True Ressurection can bring someone back from true death.


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