Harry Potter fanfiction recommendations (2023)

Harry Potter fanfiction recommendations (1)

(Abstracts are the originals...)

Pairing: Harry Potter (dominant) und Draco Malfoy (devot)


[COMPLETELY]R-->wake up callby happymood


Harry and Draco were never close friends and they rarely spoke to each other. Three years after Voldemort was defeated, Draco calls Harry for help. Help? Pairings: Future Bar: HPDM, HPGW, suggested RWHG

[COMPLETELY]M-->the most beautiful partvon FireStorm00X
Draco goes to war and discovers what he is and what he must sacrifice. Harry falls in love in an attempt to comfort him. As the world struggles to survive, Harry and Draco struggle to stay together. Reduce HP/DM.

M-->Mom knows bestvon Nefarious61
AU no magic. When Narcissa Malfoy interferes in Draco's life, she not only changes her son's life, but also that of another boy. A boy who's been through more tragedy than he cares to admit. HPDM cut.

M-->rainbow candiesfrom Arh.581958
AU.NON-MAGICAL: Harry is a gamer who makes a bet to sleep with Draco and gets him pregnant. Harry wants to marry Draco for moral reasons, but the blonde refuses and is blackmailed into it. Only nine months, it's over. Draco wants to file for divorce!

M-->Stolen Descendants, Stolen Dreamsvon IrmãGryffin-SisterSlytherin
Harry and Draco, like other wizards, had their sperm stolen to raise children for profit! Who is behind this? What is your ultimate goal? Alternate universe HP/DM, CW/BZ/RW, OTHER MALE/MALE pairings.

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V -->my life with youby cdraco
Harry and Draco begin dating at Hogwarts, chasing moments of their life together, each other and later the arrival of their children. Fluff, Mpreg, 50 linked oneshots

[COMPLETELY]M-->dream catcherby esmeraldine087
h/d Harry has terrible nightmares even though he has already defeated Voldemort. He buys a dream catcher hoping to outrun them, unaware that doing so would cause more problems than it solves. But how does Draco Malfoy account for all of this?

[COMPLETELY]M-->attractionby Lunadeath
Harry's sexuality was finally coming out, but not in the way Harry wanted. All guys flirt with him, but who is Harry's type? Different pairings at first, but soon HD. Yes, it's Slash. Complete!

Everything you thought you knew about Harry Potter has been destroyed and recreated. Read if you dare, I hope you are open-minded. Attention: Intense love scenes need clean underwear afterwards.

[COMPLETELY]M-->Rival as a bed partnerthrough smoke
Harry and Draco have an odd romantic relationship, complete with rules that govern them. But a little alcohol and an ex-boyfriend change everything. Plays at Hogwarts in seventh year.

[COMPLETELY]M-->a certain romanceby missindependent4
A young man, Harry, has a brief and intense affair with an older man, Draco. When they meet again years later, Harry is a law student who holds the secret that could change the fate of his former lover and himself. HPDM. AU. Not magical.

[COMPLETELY]M-->promise of lovehonest them
*REPOST* Just a story about Harry and Draco and how they fall in love! Warnings: this is Slash Boy/Boy, HP/DM, EWE, OC's, Romance, Fluff, WAFF, Flangst, rated M for Speech and Smexin Boys! ;D

[ONE-SHOT]T-->Babysitterby spy
The curses placed on Draco at the end of Fifth Year are mistakenly removed, leaving him in a state to be tended to. Who is better than Harry Potter?

M-->the ridiculous notationfrom Nattisch
-Harry/Draco, mpeg- Draco thinks he's pregnant, but Harry doesn't believe it for a minute. Regardless, Draco prepares for his son with trepidation.

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[FULL] V -->Morningvon bananacosmicgirl
When Draco Malfoy wakes up to find himself very, very pregnant with no idea how that happened, things happen and a relationship begins to form. HPDM, MPEG.

[ONESHOT] PG-13 -->A bad dayvon SilverDragon1610
Draco is having a bad day and it only gets worse when he literally crashes into his old Hogwarts secret crush. What happens if Harry refuses to let him go without first agreeing to a date? Harry vs. Draco Slash.

[COMPLETELY]M-->Welcome to the real worldby IamtheLizardQueen
A Harry/Draco romance set in post-Hogwarts Muggle London. Includes Red Gloves, Linoleum, Funny Comebacks, Fear, Love, Dance Clubs, Strange Friends, Cooking Shows, and Coffee, not necessarily in that order!

M -->Kuss des Dementorsby Ladtheove
When Draco Malfoy escapes from his cell in Azkaban seven years after the war, the Ministry has no choice but to send its top Auror, Harry Potter, to capture him again. Within the walls of the world's toughest prison, Harry will not only discover the origins of the most terrifying creatures, but also a love against time.

Adult fan fiction

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->Connected!for draeconine
Draco asks to be bound as Harry's vassal. But when Harry gets involved, nothing goes as expected. H/D Bar M/M MPEG

[ONE-SHOT]NC-17-->A lost bet, an orgasm madeby Lunadeath
Harry and Draco bet and Draco lost. (Dom! Harry) *slash*

NC-17-->Mom knows bestby Deviant
After the war, Harry and Draco meet by chance at St. Mungo's while Draco is visiting his mother. Secrets abound. How could Draco know what to do while his mother was mute?

The hex files

NC-17-->once onlyby quality
(On Hold) Harry is having the time of his life with his new family until his past catches up with him when a boy comes to his house with a letter.

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->The reasonby jameschick
Harry needs a reason to fight. Draco gives him one.

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[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->to the moonthrough constant monitoring
Draco is turned into a child. Harry takes care of him.

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->species surviveby roma_fics
Draco approaches Harry on Platform 9 3/4 after his children have boarded the Hogwarts Express and invites him over for tea. Their argument leads them on an adventure that neither of them expected. Compatible with HPDH.
sky falcon

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->apparitionsby twistedmilagre:[RXN]:The Dark Lord is gone, Lucius is finally out of prison, and Malfoy's name is in the bathroom. But Lucius knows exactly how to save him...

[ONE-SHOT]NC-17-->Debtsby Olivia Lupin
Harry owes Draco a favor. After letting Harry think about it for a while, Draco finally pulled himself together. Oh yeah. Written for the only Psychobarfly. *mwah* H/D NC-17.

[COMPLETELY]R-->promises to keepfrom Ishafel
Surviving the war was easy. Learning to live again will be much more difficult. Completed. Post BPH

Other live diaries

[ONE-SHOT]PG-->shared territoryby sweet as sugar
Draco tries to look for his stuffed dragon.

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->Magic black moonby Tropfkirsche
Draco keeps a secret, but he can't hide the truth forever.

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->Genesispor akahannah
This year will not be like any other. He just knows.A dracocentric reinterpretation of HBP.

(Video) Tom Felton's first fanfiction

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->things that changeof eutychids [Index]
After Hogwarts everything changes.

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->parity transformationsby suki blue [Index]
Eleven years since escaping Hogwarts, and seven years since the end of the war, Draco has moved on. Draco is now in his late twenties and living a secluded life in a small Hampshire village. Never in a million years does he expect to cross paths with Harry Potter again. But he does, and there are two complications, fairly minor and fairly excitable.

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->Concubinevon Quill Lumos
Draco is a concubine, a Veela-like magical creature that actually adapts to her mate's desires. After years of being subjected to the Dark Lord's slavery, Harry is finally able to kill evil b. and save Draco. WIP

[COMPLETELY]M-->patch of silenceby grumbling
After the war, Draco is serving his sentence at Harry Potter's house.

[DONE] R -->Undesirable #1by alexis_sd:[RXN]:
Draco Malfoy always respected and protected the old ways. Until they suddenly interfered with his way of life and his tense abdominal muscles. Now he urgently needed to talk sense into Potter, or better yet, fool him...

[ONE-SHOT]NC-17-->In the middle of the gloomy winter[Part 1] [Part 2] von oldenuf2nb:[RXN]:
What happens when, while trying to please others and achieve "perfection," we forget what really matters? Draco strives for perfection and Harry feels that everything he does is not good enough, so he leaves Draco to deal with it. And Draco's parents are even worse. They were supposed to go to the Malfoy's party on Christmas Eve, but Harry is nowhere to be found. Draco fears something has happened...


[COMPLETELY]GV-->Malfoy-Kindby Vorabiza [Index]
A potions mishap turns Draco into a four year old and Harry takes care of him for the next four months.

[COMPLETELY]NC-17-->save mePor Samaiel:[RXN]:
Two years after the events of Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, Draco returns to his life. Harry is a bitter and vengeful young man, Draco is a walking disaster... and who's helping whom?

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Does JK Rowling allow fanfiction? ›

J.K. Rowling's approval of fanfiction comes with conditions

The Harry Potter franchise is magical, and it all began with the best-selling book series. It will come as no surprise that J. K. Rowling's much-loved novels have inspired hundreds of thousands of fanfics over the years.

Who is the biggest Potterhead in the world? ›

Tom Felton, however, took things one (several) steps further. The actor, who played Draco Malfoy in all eight of the films in the series, is maybe the biggest "Harry Potter" fan of them all. Yes, even bigger than you.

What is the longest fanfic in history? ›

What a 5-million-word labor of love can tell us about the art form as a whole. Every so often, a surprising claim makes the rounds on social media: that the longest work of fiction in the English language is The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest, a fanfiction based on the Nintendo fighting game Super Smash Bros.

Can you get in trouble for fanfiction? ›

However, according to many lawyers, such as those associated with the Organization for Transformative Works, the nonprofit organization that runs the AO3 website and offers legal advice and assistance to fanfiction authors, fanfiction is absolutely legal under the fair use doctrine.

Can you get in trouble for reading fanfiction? ›

Yes. It's more likely the publisher will sue, but yes, the author can sue. And what's more, it's pretty much a guaranteed win for the author (or publisher). Fanfiction is clearly and obviously a derivative work; the author might even win on summary judgment.

Can authors Sue fanfiction writers? ›

In the case where a copyright owner chooses to exercise their exclusive right to prepare derivative works against a work of fanfiction, they can sue the fanfiction writer for copyright infringement.

Does J.K. Rowling answer fan mail? ›


J.K. Rowling loves hearing from fans, but because of the volume of correspondence, regrets she is unable to: respond personally or answer individual questions from readers – please see the 'Answers' section where you may find your question answered!

What do Harry Potter fans call themselves? ›

Diehard fans of the series are called "Potterheads".

Who is the most successful character in Harry Potter? ›

1 Hermione Granger

Number one on the list of the best Harry Potter characters is Hermione Granger. Emma Watson's portrayal of the bright, mature, and brave young wizard is spot-on and an incredible performance given how young Watson was at the time the first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, was released.

What is the most famous fanfiction ever? ›

1. Fifty Shades of Grey (Fifty Shades Trilogy #1) by E L James. E L James (the pen name of British television executive Erika Leonard) is by far the most well-known example of a fan fiction author who's made it in the published world.

What is the very first fanfic? ›

In 1952, the world's first book of fanfic about fans appeared. The Enchanted Duplicator by Walt Willis and Bob Shaw was a metafiction based on Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress, but which described a world populated with sci-fi fans. It chronicles the adventures of hero Jophan in "the land of Mundane".

What is the most infamous fanfiction? ›

Like Stonehenge or the works of Shakespeare, we'll probably never know who was behind “My Immortal”—the massive Harry Potter–inspired text that is widely regarded as the worst piece of fanfiction ever written—but there's no shortage of theories.

Which is the 2 largest fandom in the world? ›

However, the Harry Potter's Potterheads were always the second biggest fandoms in the world, after the Star Wars fans, but many fan bases (especially pop musician's fandoms) have emerged over the years and overtaken them.

What percentage of Harry Potter fans are female? ›

What percentage of Harry Potter fans are female? With 35% of Americans having read at least one Harry Potter book, among the biggest fans are men aged 18-34 (44%), women aged 18-34 (61%) and women aged 35-54 (41%).

Which celebrity is a fan of Harry Potter? ›

Famous 'Harry Potter' Fans: Timothee Chalamet, Liam Payne and More. Accio, Harry Potter fans! Over the years, so many celebs have revealed themselves to be major fans of both the book and movie franchise.

Who is the most loved character in Harry Potter? ›

Hermione Granger is quite possibly the number one fan-favorite Harry Potter character of the series. She's the perfect combination of heart and head, extremely clever but also brave and compassionate. Hermione doesn't always make the right decisions, but she tries hard and stands by Harry when no one else will.

What does Ron smell like in Amortentia? ›

Ron Weasley smelled his mother's cooking, bacon, and the perfume he gave Hermione in their fifth year at Hogwarts for Christmas.

What is the oldest fanfiction on fanfiction net? ›

The oldest fanfic still available on the site is an X-Files Mulder/Scully shipfic titled “Little Helper” — written by Sheryl Nantus, who continued to write and submit fanfic to the site as recently as September of 2018 — and a majority of the site's following first hundred submissions were also X-Files fics.

What are NSFW fanfics called? ›

A Lemon is a Fan Fic with explicit sexual content. This can range from plot-what-plot screwfests with no justification, to exquisitely plotted and crafted stories that just happen to follow their participants into the bedroom (and through the subsequent action therein) on a regular basis.

Which fandom makes the most fanfiction? ›

Though HP has the most in number, that doesn't mean other fandoms are short of excellent works. The Percy Jackson universe, DC/Marvel universe, How to Train your Dragon universe, and many anime fanfictions also are filled with many well written high quality stories and authors.

What is the earliest fanfiction? ›

The modern phenomenon of fan fiction as an expression of fandom and fan interaction was popularized and defined via Star Trek fandom and their fanzines published in the 1960s. The first Star Trek fanzine, Spockanalia (1967), contained some fan fiction; many others followed its example.

What was the first ship fandom? ›

The usage of the term "ship" in its relationship sense appears to have been originated around 1995 by Internet fans of the TV show The X-Files, who believed that the two main characters, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, should be engaged in a romantic relationship.

What fandom invented shipping? ›

Sometimes old-school fans will write "ship" with an apostrophe, 'ship/'shipping, to acknowledge that the terms are derived from "relationship." Shipping comes from The X-Files' fandom, which coined the concept in the '90s to describe fan reaction to the interminable UST (Unresolved Sexual Tension) between Mulder and ...

Why can't authors legally read fanfiction? ›

Fanfiction has encountered problems with intellectual property law due to usage of copyrighted characters without the original creator or copyright owner's consent.

Can you find a deleted fanfiction? ›

Go to @ao3feed-destiel. Search for the author's name, and/or the fic title, and/or anything you can remember about the fic. The original title, tags, etc. And all of the links can be put into Wayback to help you find The Thing You Want.

Is printing fanfiction illegal? ›

If you're publishing any kind of derivative fiction – fanfiction, retelling, modernization, gender-swap, alternate universe, etc. – that is inspired by source material within the public domain, you are free to print and sell (or just print) your work.


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