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Best Prime Video Series: February 10, 2023 Update

Tom Power, entertainment reporter

Clarkson's Farm season 2 has finally dropped on Amazon streamers, making it the latest entry on our list of the best Prime Video series.

Welcome to our best Prime Video series guide. Below are 28 of the best TV series on Amazon's streaming platform, covering a variety of genres.

OutsideInvincibley The Boys, a Star Trek: Picard ythe rings of power, there is something for everyone on this list. This includes Clarkson's farm, which is where the popular documentaries return.Prime Videofor its second season.

So, without further ado, here are the best shows on Prime Video for February 2023.

Best Prime Video Series: New for February 2023

Clarkson Farm

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (2)

Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson tries his hand at farming in this Prime Video original. Yes, his premise is that simple.

In 2008, Clarkson bought a 1,000-acre property, including Curdle Hill Farm, in Oxfordshire, UK, after his former caretaker retired. Clarkson, in his infinite wisdom, decides to farm the land himself, and everything goes as well as could be expected.

Clarkson's Farm is about as ridiculous as it gets and seems written for a comedy-style docuseries, but it's actually a decent watch. Clarkson's relationship with her assistants, particularly Kaleb Cooper, the show's rising star, is endearing, funny and, at times, maddening. But if you're a fan of Clarkson (admittedly not many people are these days) or funny documentary-style shows, these are the ones to watch.

Seasons on Prime Video:2


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (3)

Tracy Oliver's latest comedy series received rave reviews when it debuted on Prime Video in December 2021. With the show's second season finally airing in February 2023, it's about time you put Harlem on your must-see list. .

The show follows four New York University graduates in their 30s as they try to balance work, love, and personal life while living in, yes, you guessed it, Harlem. So far, so predictable, right? Not quite. Harlem's leads are electrifyingly funny, and the way they butt heads is reminiscent of some of the best comedy character relationships of the past two decades. Fans of Insecure and Run the World will be delighted.

Seasons on Prime Video:2

Best Prime Video Series: Other High Profile Shows

KSI: In real life

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (4)

Amazon's streaming service has made a name for itself in the documentary space with its fantastic all-or-nothing series. KSI: However, "In Real Life" might be one of Prime Video's most intriguing documentaries to date.

Follow the world famous YouTuber turned influencer as he prepares for the release of his second rap album. However, while KSI is in the public eye, his personal life has taken a hit, including the unraveling of his closest relationships, forcing the global megastar to reevaluate his life.

This warts-and-all docuseries offers a compelling behind-the-scenes look at KSI's life. From his humble beginnings at Watford to the unprecedented fame that followed, In Real Life is grippingly emotional and thought-provoking. KSI fans will enjoy this, but general documentary fans will also enjoy the series' exploration of fame, the internet, and overcoming trauma.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

(Video) Top TV Shows Premiering in January 2023 | Rotten Tomatoes TV

The Legend of Vox Machina

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (5)

Set in the fictional Exandrian kingdom of Tal'Dorei,The Legend of Vox Machinatells the story of a band of mercenaries hired to eradicate a nameless evil entity that has been plaguing the kingdom. However, it doesn't take long for the group of seven to realize that they are locked in a battle against a sinister and potentially world-threatening enemy.

In ourThe Legend of Vox Machina Season 1 Review,We said it retains a lot of what made the original DnD online campaign so successful. It's hilarious, action packed, emotional and full of twists and turns. It's also pretty scary and horrifying at times, so even those with a gruesome bent will have a blast. The original cast of Critical Role have returned to voice their characters, while there are a host of famous actors appearing as other characters in this fictional fantasy world. Season 2 is also available now, cementing this show's place on our list of the best Prime Video series.

Seasons on Prime Video:2


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (6)

Loosely inspired by true events, Hunters tells the story of a group of Nazi hunters who uncover a conspiracy involving several fugitive Nazi officers trying to establish a Fourth Reich in the heart of the 1970s. If you're a fan of alternative histories and R-rated content, this is definitely the show for you.

The first season of Hunters drew huge audiences, not least because it starred legendary actor Al Pacino in his first television role.While we were enjoying what Hunters Season 1I had to offerThe ending proved extremely divisive.— and in the two years since its debut, other Prime Video Originals have surpassed it as Amazon's must-watch exclusive.

still withhunter season 2Available Now: Picks up the events two years after its predecessor and finds Jonah and company trying to stop Hitler (yes,HeHitler) and his followers implement their master plan; it could justifiably claim its place as one of the best Prime Video series of all time.

Seasons on Prime Video:2

The rig

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (7)

Supernatural and/or mystery thrillers abound these days, but what about those genre-specific shows that take place aboard a Scottish oil rig?

That's the premise of The Rig, a chilling Prime Video show that blends eco-horror with characters from bygone eras.Game of ThronesFilth's Iain Glen and Martin Compston headline an cast of the series, which finds the crew of the Kinloch Bravo oil rig cut off from the rest of the world as an eerie mist descends. Unsurprisingly, there is more to this nebula than meets the eye: a sign to unravel minds, betrayals, tests of endurance, and more sinister occurrences.

The Rig was pretty well received by critics, so you should *um* check this movie out for yourself and see if it's one of the best series on Prime Video.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

jack ryan

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (8)

This politically charged action thriller was a pretty good hit for Amazon Studios, thanks in part to John Krazinski's charismatic and funny take on the titular CIA analyst.

Retired from his regular desk job to further investigate a series of shady banking transactions, Ryan soon finds himself embroiled in a larger geopolitical conspiracy in which he can trust no one, and no one is willing to trust him. Unsurprisingly, things get more exciting and complete with each passing season.

It's not nearly as exciting or subversively humorous as, say, Prime Video's Reacher (more on that in a bit) or similarly positioned spy shows. But with plenty of high-stakes drama, impressive sets, and a likable cast, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan is worth investing in.

Seasons on Prime Video:3

three pines

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (9)

Based on the Chief Inspector Gamache novel series by Louise Penny, this Canadian crime thriller has garnered critical acclaim since its release in December 2022.

Alfred Molina (Spider-Man: No Way Home) plays Armand Gamache, who travels to the eastern municipality of the same name to investigate a series of grisly murders. There he must face demons, including his own, from all corners and unearth long-buried secrets that the townspeople have been hiding.

As the detective stories say, Three Pines is not an innovative world champion. But thanks to Molina's captivating and moving performance and some surprising twists and turns, it's a show that delivers a largely intriguing whodunit, and all in a picturesque snowy setting. What could not be loved?

Seasons on Prime Video:1


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (10)

James Corden is a divisive character: you either think he's funny or you don't, and that was before he was seen engaging in verbal arguments based on real-life restaurants.

However, with Mammals, many (fans and critics alike) seem to agree that Corden really has something. In this black comedy, the host of The Late Late Show (and former star of Gavin and Stacey) stars as Jamie, a Michelin-starred chef whose life implodes when he discovers that his pregnant wife, Amadine, played by Melia Kreilling, has made him in secret. he adventures with different men.

Mammals doesn't reinvent the genres it's associated with, but its emotional history of swinger culture and dark, sometimes surreal humor (Tom Jones even has a cameo), makes it worth checking out, especially if you're a Corden fan.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

the periphery

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (11)

Based on William Gibson's seminal novel of the same name, The Peripheral is every sci-fi lover's dream, featuring an intriguing, time-shifting narrative, complex world-building, and exploration of real-world sociopolitical issues, such as inequality and what it means. be free

InOur review of El Periférico, we called the production, which stars Chloë Grace Moretz, a "candy shop full of sparkly goodies," adding that Gibson's novel "translates well in the first three episodes," though some elements of the original story are missing. "disappointingly canned". . However, the pacing, as well as the sometimes "dense and confusing" narrative, means that some viewers will have a hard time keeping up.

Seasons on Prime Video:1


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (12)

(Video) New Movies in February 2023

A story told from multiple perspectives.selvafollows the connected lives of various London-based strangers struggling to survive in the British capital. At its core, Jungle is a show based on Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theory, though it's a series that trains its rich narrative through the lens of the rap, drill, grime, and hip-hop genres.

Creators Junior Okoli and Chas Appeti have captured the unseen world of the London backwaters; Regions where communities govern themselves and where every action has consequences. With its signature blend of music and dialogue, creatively ambitious cinematography, and timeless stories of human complexity, Jungle is not a show any TV fan should dismiss lightly.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

the rings of power

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (13)

Set during the second age of Middle-earth,the rings of powertells the multi-layered story of the forging of the title rings, Sauron's evil and ambitious master plan to become the dictatorial ruler of the world, and the various races of Middle-earth who band together to stop him.

In any case, that is the basic requirement. There's more to Amazon's The Lord of the Rings: it's a majestic, immersive and epic fantasy series that both veteran Tolkienists and newcomers to LOTR will enjoy.rings of power season 2it is already in production. Simply put, it's one of the best Prime Video series out there.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

A league of its own

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (14)

Based on the 1992 film of the same name, A League of Their Own tells the story of the Rockford Peaches, an all-female league baseball team that must navigate not only the dangers of World War II, but also the torturous levels of epoch. misogyny and chauvinism.

The show primarily follows Abbi Jacobson's Carson and Chanté Adams' Max and their journeys to becoming professional gamers. But the study of other characters and their respective arcs, evocative themes, and gripping baseball-based drama keep A League of Their Own busy. It doesn't lack style or substance, which is a rarity for a sports-focused TV series.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

terminal list

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (15)

The stars of the terminal listMarvel-MovieActor Chris Pratt as James Reece, a Navy SEAL who suffers from survivor's guilt and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after his entire platoon is wiped out during an undercover mission.

As new information emerges that blames morality gray figures within the US military and government, Reece decides to take matters into his own hands and exact revenge on those who wronged him and the US government. deceased squad members.

The Terminal List was not well received by critics, with some calling it a by the numbers show that offers no thrills beyond what viewers have seen before. Others praised Pratt's performance, the show's action sequences, and its thematic resonance. In short, try it yourself and see if it deserves to be on our list of the best Prime Video series.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

The young man

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (16)

The Boys is based on a simple premise: what if superheroes sucked? Like, really, really horrible? What if they were selfish, egotistical, corrupt, and downright unheroic? That's the goal of Amazon's live-action adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's R-rated comic book series, which is one of the best Prime Video series of all time.

Now yes, many of these questions have been explored in other media, but Amazon's exaggerated series does it with visual style, a lot of humor, a lot of gore and ultraviolence, and some tender moments. The first season was promising, the second held up andthe third went further than its predecessors.

The series has been renewed for a fourth season.and filming is already underway.

Seasons on Prime Video:3

outer reach

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (17)

Touted as a sci-fi mystery thriller, Outer Range stars Josh Brolin (Avengers: Infinity War,to yesterday) as Royal Abbott, a Wyoming rancher struggling to keep his land out of the hands of a rival herdsman.

When a mysterious black hole suddenly appears on the Abbott estate, Royal uses the seemingly endless void to his advantage, including disposing of the body of one of his rival's children after a tragic accident. But when a trickster named Autumn (Imogen Poots) catches Royal in the act, the head of the Abbott family must fight for her family to keep the secret and keep alive Autumn, who seems to have supernatural connections to the black hole. enemies (and police) close in on him.

Despite its often convoluted and strangely fast-paced plot, it deserves to be part of our best Prime Video series feature for some powerful performances, its bizarre mystery, and foreboding atmosphere. A second season is also on the way.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

move up

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (18)

Put 15 years in the future,move uptells the story of Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), a computer programmer who is mysteriously murdered and uploaded to a "virtual afterlife" called Lake View.

As he adjusts to his new life, Nathan finds himself romantically attracted to his customer service angel Nora Antony (Andy Allo), though Nathan is still dating his surviving girlfriend Ingrid Kannerman (Allegra Edwards). It also doesn't take long for Nathan and Nora to begin to unravel the larger mystery surrounding his death.

If this all sounds a bit dramatic and dark, don't worry: Upload is one of the funniest Prime Video series out there, one that spans multiple genres including comedy, drama, crime, and horror. It also offers a fascinating glimpse into the future based on real world technology, metaverse and all. Amazon Studios has renewed it for a third season.

Seasons on Prime Video:2

Star Trek: Picard

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (19)

His first season was uneven at times, but this is it.Star TrekThe series is an interesting contemporary take on this universe, with Jean-Luc Picard working outside of Starfleet and at odds with what it has become. This is more than just expensive fan service for next-generation fans, though: It's a sci-fi epic loosely centered on the legacy of Data, who died in Star Trek: Nemesis.

(Video) Releasing on Amazon Prime Video in February 2023|prime video new releases feb 2023

Picard is awkwardly paced in places and spends too much time on superfluous story arcs. Also, not all new characters are winners. However, like Star Trek: Discovery, it's worth a visit for fans and newbies alike. Season 2 is a tighter and more interesting affair than its predecessor, while Season 3 will arrive in early 2023.

Seasons on Prime Video:2

The wonderful Mrs. Maisel

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (20)

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel tells the story of 1950s housewife Miriam "Midge" Maisel as she strives to become America's greatest comedian.

After her husband admits he's having an affair, "Midge" takes a drunken stage at a comedy club and discovers she's downright funny. At a time when women are discouraged from teasing in public, Midge pursues her new comedic talent in the male-dominated world of stand-up comedy.

The first two seasons of the multi-award-winning comedy-drama have been met with critical acclaim. And while Season 3 was pretty good, it didn't quite live up to the expectations of its predecessors. However, the show's fourth season shows that it's back in its prime, so catch it while you can.Season 5 will be the final episode..

Seasons on Prime Video:4


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (21)

alan richson (titans) starring the title character, aka Jack Reacher, a drifter who owns few belongings after retiring from the military, Reacher arrives in Margrave, Georgia just as the small town USA is about to witness its first big crime has been rocked for 20 years. Somehow, Reacher is falsely framed for the crime and, upon his arrest, agrees to help the authorities investigate the case in exchange for his release. Given his knowledge of the military and his bulk, those responsible appear to have chosen the wrong man to frame the crime.

It's definitely one to watch if you're a fan of action mystery thrillers. And after becoming the first Prime Video series to top the Nielsen streaming chart, it's no surprise to learn that a second season has been greenlit. While you wait for the next season,Check out these six programs similar to Reacher.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

the wheel of time

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (22)

Based on the popular book series by Robert Jordan,the wheel of timeis a fantasy show that mixes the best ofGame of Thrones, The Witcher and The Lord of the Rings.

Rosamund Pike (I Care A Lot, Gone Girl) stars as Moiraine, a powerful sorceress whose quest to find the dragon reborn, a prophesied champion capable of defeating the dark one, leads her to the small town known as Two Rivers. When Moiraine and her fellow guardian Lan Mandragoran (Daniel Henney) are forced to rescue five of the village's young adults from the Dark One's forces, they discover that one of this quintet is the so-called Dragon Reborn. She embarks on an epic quest to find out who this ancient warrior is and whether or not she can save the world.

Expect plenty of drama, R-rated violence, a dash of humor, and plenty of fantastical elements to delight and surprise you.Season 2 has finished filming., while a third season has been greenlit. That's good news, as it's one of the best Prime Video series out there.

Seasons on Prime Video:1


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (23)

Amazon's animated adaptation of Robert Kirkman's superhero comic series is not for the faint of heart. Sure, it may not be a live-action production like The Boys, butInvincibleIt is full of blood, gore, violence and other adult content.

It's slow at first, well, except for one particular scene in Episode 1 that shocked viewers who had never read the comics before. Its subversion of superhero tropes, emotional story beats, and ensemble cast will keep your attention until things really pick up from Episode 4, by which time you should be completely hooked.

Invincible Season 2(to be released at the end of 2023) and season 3 are currently in development, but aseason four was secretly not greenlit. However, it won't be a huge surprise when season 4 is finally announced, as it is one of the best Prime Video series of all time.

Seasons on Prime Video:1


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (24)

An anthology series from Hunters creator David Weil,saltasks the question: what does it mean to be human?

If you think you've seen TV shows that ask this question, think again. Solos approaches this philosophical question from a science fiction angle, framing his original stories around various futuristic themes, including human cloning, time travel, space exploration, and observing other people's memories.

With an all-star cast that includes Helen Mirren, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Mackie, and Anne Hathaway, Solos explores universal themes like death, fear of the unknown, and finding your purpose in a fun yet heartbreaking way. With an episode length of between 20 and 30 minutes, it's worth grabbing.

Seasons on Prime Video:1


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (25)

If you've spent your time sailing through 9th century Norway and England,Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Vikings is essentially the TV version of that.

It's that it crossed over with Game of Thrones, only with a less bulky touch. You have six series of this bloody and addictive Nordic adventure to loot as you watch a humble farmer transform into a fearsome fighter who scours the European lands in search of treasure. The perfect time to watch one of the best Prime Video series.

Seasons on Prime Video:6

the wide

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (26)

Arguably the best sci-fi series since Battlestar Galatica, The Expanse is based on the series of novels by James S.A. Corey, the pen name of authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck.

Set in a future where humans have colonized most of the solar system, great divisions exist between the inhabitants of Earth, Mars, and the "belts" who live on space stations beyond the asteroid belt. It's packed with politics, heartbreaking and emotional stories, and some of the most breathtaking scenes from outer space we've ever seen.

If you're a sci-fi fan, you'll love it. The sixth and final season of the series aired on Prime Video, so get excited: there's a lot to do.

(Video) 10 Things You SHOULD Be Buying at Sams Club in February 2023

Seasons on Prime Video:6

good omens

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (27)

Before his death in 2015, Terry Pratchett reportedly made Neil Gaiman promise to adapt Good Omens into a TV series.

Gaiman has delivered on that front, and the result is an addictive, wacky, and heartwarming story about good and evil, friendship, demons, angels, and a farsighted witch. Brilliantly British and with one of the most outstanding casts imaginable, it can be strapped into a weekend, or in one sitting if you can't wait all night for the final episodes.

It introduces some new characters and twists to the story, but it's also true enough to the book to provide a real treat for fans who have been fans for nearly thirty years. Season 2 has finished filming, so your best bet is to pick up one of Prime Video's best series that premiered in years before its long-awaited return.

Seasons on Prime Video:1

the great tour

The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (28)

The Grand Tour is everything Top Gear used to be on the BBC. At least Top Gear Specials.

Petrolheads Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May, who left the BBC years ago and struck a deal with Amazon Studios, have found similar success with The Grand Tour - an excuse to send the trio around the world and take part in various challenges. and attacks. each other for hours.

If you like watching middle-aged men burn rubber in the middle of the desert, like in a scene from Mad Max: Fury Road, then this is for you. And you make the most of itAmazon is reportedly cutting ties with Jeremy Clarkson(opens in a new tab)about her recent Megan Markle column, which means the show's next four TV specials could be its final episodes.

Seasons on Prime Video:4


The 28 best Prime video series to watch in February 2023 (29)

Medical drama has been around for decades, but few are as gripping and funny as House.

Hugh Laurie stars as Gregory House, a sarcastic and misanthropic medical genius (and mild drug addict) at Princeton-Plainsboro University Hospital in New Jersey who is tasked with solving a new and unexplained medical case each episode. Usually, the patients are worse off than House and his team tried to diagnose them, but eventually the main character solves the case seemingly out of nowhere.

At first, it was an intriguing idea for a medical drama, but as the seasons went on, it started to get stale. But while it's been winding down in the later seasons, House more than made up for it with its complex characters, humorous moments, and sometimes emotional story beats.

Seasons on Prime Video:8


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