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The positive side of ADHD

There's so much to love about ADHD, and all the creativity, empathy, tenacity, and special talents it brings with it! Read on to learn about some of thePositive for ADHD, shared by readers like you.

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solve problems

Ping-pong thoughts can help you come up with unique solutions to difficult situations that our neurotypical peers might miss. Our readers are professional problem solvers:

“My son always finds a solution. No ladder? No problem. Push this chair against the wall and up!” - InADDLector

“My daughter and I always have the big picture in mind. We can automatically imagine how the pieces of a puzzle fit together. We find long-term and very practical solutions. There are no Band-Aids here!” –Erin

"My ADHD superpower is what I like to call mental art. I can easily think of multiple ideas and connect them creatively, no matter how disjointed they may be." -Bye

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Imagination and creativity

People with ADHD don't just think outside the box; We create our own strengths with our unlimitedImagination and creativity.

"My son can take you on an adventure and let your imagination shine while standing in our living room." -Wendy E.

“I am in awe of the creativity of people with ADHD. They always have more than one idea in their heads at the same time. -Karen K.

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"I have endless creativity!! Now it's a little more complicated to implement these ideas..." — Barbie

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Being "different" can make people with ADHDcompassionate; We always cheer on the misfits and share our unconditional love with others who are struggling.

"Whether it's to the homeless man on the street he's giving his last $10 to, or the down syndrome girl on the swim team he's really friends with, my son knows how to empathize and contribute to making the day a happy one." brighter." -Shari

“My son is kind to those less fortunate than him. He is always forgiving, helpful and loves everyone. He volunteered at the school to be a buddy for a boy with muscular dystrophy and he is very proud to have that special job." — Melina O.

"My son Tyler has a heart the size of the state of Texas (No wait, Alaska!... no wait, the entire planet!... no wait, well you get the point). Your compassion for others it has no limits!" —Marcus T.

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sense of humor

Laughaffairs! It can relieve stress at home and make anyone with ADHD feel more connected.

"In our ADHD family, when things are tense, someone does something stupid and crazy and lightens the mood! We're not normal by any means, but I wouldn't trade stupid for anything!" –Carrie

"No matter how frustrating things can be, my daughter always uses her sense of humor to make others laugh. She can calm anything with a few words." — Michele H.

"My son's sense of humor keeps me grounded...and reminds me not to take life too seriously!" - TOADDLector

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Most children and adults with ADHD work twice as hard as their neurotypical peers to achieve the impossible. This fight is not always bad. build depthdeterminationtry again until we get it.

“My daughter has to study for hours, but if she has to, she does it. She wants so much to succeed. -Tiana

“My son has more character than most adults. He has great strength from everything he's been through and he outdid himself!” —Rose H.

“Every day our son faces a new struggle, but he knows that it is not a sprint, it is a marathon. - holly

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Sharp memory and sense of observation.

ADHD does not always mean inattention. It can mean noticing and paying attention to everything, even things that others might miss.

"I remember weird little facts I've read or heard, lines from books I've read, names of long-lost acquaintances, anything from 20 years or more ago." -Kelly

"My daughter is my little conscious: she observes everything around her and finds beauty in the things that happen the fastest in our crazy lives." —Jules

"My daughter may look like she's jumping around carelessly, but she remembers every little thing that catches her eye, even the clothes you were wearing and what you said to her six months ago!" -Kelly F.

["Your brain is a Ferrari"]

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Although studies say that multitasking can be ineffective, many people with ADHD thrive and are more productive when doing more than one thing at a time.


"My work is overwhelmingly chaotic, but I always find ways to do a multitude of things at once." - TOADDLector

“To do EVERYTHING, I have to multitask. As I write this, I am drinking coffee and talking on the phone! It's like I'm in a coma when my brain doesn't get enough stimulation." - TOADDLector

“When I have many things to do at the same time, I can do them better and faster than anyone else. If a storm comes and we have to go out, I'll be the queen of the pack and get everything and everyone ready." — Deb W.

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laser focus

When people with ADHD use their ownHyperfocus, they can achieve much more and much faster than many without this superpower.

"I have great focus (at least when the task is novel and engaging). When I'm playing a certain game, I've been known to look towards the end and say, 'Hey, it's getting dark... what day is it today? Did I eat today? ?'” — David S.

"I can sit down to work on a project and go, go! Others would take twice as long to do what I do when my superpower kicks in. It has served me well, especially in emergency situations where quick action is crucial" . – Buck C.

"My son can hyperfocus when he's really digging into the subject, like when he's studying the characters in the Star Wars encyclopedia." - TOADDLector

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endless energy

You won't find an adult or child with ADHD running out of batteries! We're like the Energizer bunny, go and go and go and go and...

“Our son loves to climb. He offers you a good point of view. We spend a lot of time walking outside and he learns to climb safely in a bouldering gym when the rest of us are tired.” —Cat

“My son just started a running club at his school and he puts all his energy into running. They attack him for every mile he runs and he's determined to fill a whole chain of them." —April B.

“My son has boundless energy. He is always physically active and willing to play with anyone who volunteers!" -Tracy K.

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zeal for life

People with ADHD face difficulties and overcome them. We know how to look on the bright side and enjoy life, even if it's not all about rainbows and sunshine.

"My daughter's zest for life is contagious! She just exudes energy, enthusiasm and optimism. Yes, her bedroom looks like it's been hit by a tornado, but every morning she emerges from the chaos with a smile on her face, ready to be greeted the day... and I smile too". —Carol

“My son really wants to learn, play, create, share and love. It's all 1000%." ​​— Lynn M.

"My daughter has been through a lot in her life, but she always comes out happy and with her beautiful smile." - TOADDLector

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People with ADHD experience the world in unique ways, which can make us moreaccept differenceswithin ourselvesYin others.

“My daughter accepts herself despite her problems with ADHD and AD. She is patient with those around her, even when we struggle to be patient with her. She is eager and determined." –Leslie

“My son has empathy that grew out of his own constant struggle. He can find the good in everyone and realize that 'everyone has their own strengths and challenges – he's only human, Mom!' The trick is to accept everyone and yourself. We need each other's differences because that makes us a stronger team overall." – Lisa

“Our daughter's nicknames are Electric Sunshine and Fizzy Izzy. Her smile, her personality, her love for all people and animals always lights up a room. People are drawn to her positivity, constant stream of fun ideas, and her bravery.” –G.T. Thomas

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strong moral compass

People with ADHD often have hearts of gold and rely on a set of moral values ​​to guide them.

“My daughter has a keen sense of what is right and has no problem telling someone when they are wrong. Right now, as her mother, she drives me crazy sometimes, but I know she's a real superpower." – Rebekah

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“My daughter and I share the same desire to help others. Despite schoolwork, sports, and now work, if someone is wronged, my daughter will lead the effort.” - TOADDLector

"My daughter always watches out for the 'little one.' If someone is being teased or bullied, she will get up and cover their back." - Karin

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